The Product

Chromat™ is the product name for synthetically made granules used in the production of acrylic and polyester based solid surface materials, epoxy flooring, spray granite effects, BMC, DMC and SMC compounds.

The granules are made with NPG Isophthalic resin, a blend of Aluminium Tri-hydrate and non-organic pigments free from heavy metals.
The mixture is fully hot cured in a high temperature catalyst and oven system, at temperatures exceeding 160ºC, to produce a highly resilient, hard and stable product.

  After granulation, milling and pulverising through some of the most specialised and efficient machinery in the industry, the granules are then carefully classified into 12 sizes using ISO approved stainless steel screens, from the largest (15000µm) down to the smallest (106µm), for maximum control in assuring consistency of particle size, distribution and colour.  

Characteristics of Chromat™ chips

  Fire resistant Acrylic compatible Stain resistant Good wet-out  
  Chemical resistant Polyester compatible UV Stabilised Good viscosity  
  Heat resistant Epoxy compatible Food safe Good flow  

Product Availability

  Blended Sizes (from) (to) Typical Bulk Density  
  horizontal rule  
  Large 2000µm 106µm 1140 grams/litre  
  Medium 1180µm 106µm 1040 grams/litre  
  Small 700µm 106µm 1060 grams/litre  
  Individual Sizes (from) (to) Typical Bulk Density  
  Rock 15000µm 2000µm 926 grams/litre  
  Pebble 8000µm 2000µm 1036 grams/litre  
  Pebble 2 5000µm 2000µm 1048 grams/litre  
    3000µm 2000µm 968 grams/litre  
    2000µm 1400µm 966 grams/litre  
    1400µm 1180µm 974 grams/litre  
    1180µm 710µm 970 grams/litre  
    710µm 500µm 892 grams/litre  
    500µm 300µm 840 grams/litre  
    300µm 180µm 800 grams/litre  
    180µm 106µm 827 grams/litre  
106µm   792 grams/litre  
  * For further specific product information, please refer to the Product Technical Data Sheet and for information relating to Health & Safety, please refer to the Product Safety Data Sheet. (Available from the Downloads section of this website).  
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